Bridge. Outsource. Transform

B.O.T (Bridge. Outsource. Transform) is an impact sourcing platform that provides high quality digital services executed by skilled freelancers from marginalized communities in Lebanon. Our aim is to ensure women and youth have access to global and local digital work, giving them the platform to work their way up while securing a source of income.

Make an Impact

B.O.T creates a better future for women and youth from marginalized communities with a socially responsible outsourcing services network. Our program equips our participants with life skills and provides them with income generation opportunities. The work they do provides an experience that allows them access to new career paths. Ultimately, the combination of their freelance experience and their digital skill set will help them attain full-time employment.

Our Awesome Team

Marianne Bitar Karam

Managing Director

Charbel Saliba

Project Design & Delivery Director

Charbel Karam

Business Development Director

Katya Egorova

Product Development Manager

Imad Hteit

Project Manager

Georges Karam

Project Manager

Melissa Salame

Project Manager

Marie-José Chamoun

Talent Management Officer

Bedros Hossebian

Business Development Coordinator