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4 Best Practices to Maximize Field DC in Challenging Environments

In the humanitarian field, collecting accurate data is essential for making informed decisions and providing effective assistance to those in need. However, collecting data in challenging environments can be a daunting task. This is where field surveys come in. Field surveys allow organizations to collect essential data in difficult-to-reach areas. In this blog post, we

4 Best Practices and Strategies for Successful Remote Surveys

Remote data collection has become increasingly important in the humanitarian field. It first emerged as a viable alternative that allows organizations to collect essential data without putting their staff and respondents at risk during the COVID-19 area and restrictions. Nowadays and with the efficiency that it provides, Remote Data Collection has become widely used. In

3 Key Points on the Importance of Quality Assurance Measures in Humanitarian Operations

As a provider of data collection services to the humanitarian field, we know first-hand the critical role that data plays in improving outcomes for communities affected by crises. Effective data collection allows organizations to understand the needs of the people they serve, develop targeted interventions, and measure impact. However, not all data is created equal.

Looking for a new team member: Technology Manager

Role Summary: The Technology Manager leads the technology direction of B.O.T, he/she has overall responsibility for managing technology infrastructure planning and deployment, providing technology vision, enabling innovation, and understanding the information technology solutions that create business value. The Technology Manager will be responsible for leading the development, implementation, and deployment of B.O.T’s internal project management

Empowering Businesses and Communities with HAIVO

Introducing HAIVO by B.O.T – the first data annotation service for AI and ML in the MENA region, empowering businesses to get the most out of their data and driving positive social change in our communities. Learn about our commitments to providing high quality services for our clients and opportunities to a managed workforce of youth and women from underprivileged communities.

B.O.T X UNICEF | Opportunities in AI for Women

It’s no secret that the careers of the future have become a catch-up game. With new tech emerging at a faster-than-human speed, the world needs to unite together to ensure that equal opportunities exist for underrepresented communities. With this in mind, B.O.T & UNICEF Lebanon are proud to launch “AI Training for women” under UNICEF’s