Topic: Remote Executed Outsourcing Services.

Locations: KSA, UAE, Egypt & Qatar.

The primary objective of this project for B.O.T (  is developing a market penetration strategy for the company’s remote executed outsourcing services in the Arab Gulf Region. The outcome should prevail with synthesized analysis of potential strategies and relevant competitive landscapes from primary and secondary research.

Main Objectives:

  • Assessing market opportunity and access:
    1. Quantifying regional demands for remote digital services:
      • Data Management, which can include:
        • Collection (e.g. surveys, scrapping, etc.)
        • Entry
        • Cleansing
        • Visualization
      • AI-oriented data services that includes:
        • Image Segmentation
        • Named Entities
        • POS tagging
      • Research:
        • Data collection (e.g. surveys – digital, scrapping)
        • Benchmarking
        • Analysis and Visualization
        • Insights
    2. Investigate other areas of data services demand which B.O.T could provide
    3. Investigating B.O.T’s capacity in the remote digital services listed above and its response to the market needs.
    4. Determining potential clients within and beyond B.O.T’s sphere of operation in the region.
  • Competitive analysis of remote executed outsourced services and regional freelance recruitment markets:
    1. Assessing saturation and capabilities of largest competitors in space.
    2. Discovering competitive advantages held by B.O.T on regional/positional basis
    3. Evaluating other freelance recruitment firms; potential ambitions to enter the digital micro-work services (especially the advanced AI-entered) and other services. 
  • Distinction of the product/future enhancements:
    1. Understanding what sets B.O.T apart from their more developed competitors.
    2. Analyzing how to utilize this advantage in market entry.
    3. Researching what potential enhancements would most improve the platform.

Job brief:

Bridge. Outsource. Transform (B.O.T) is looking for a methodical Market Research analyst to survey customer preferences and statistical data in order to support customers during their decision making process regarding product designs, prices and promotions. The successful market researcher will be able to analyze autonomously qualitative data, trends, strategies and competition aiming at increasing competitiveness.


  • Develop the questionnaire 
  • Collect data on consumers, competitors and market place and consolidate information into actionable items, reports and presentations.
  • Set the appropriate sample size based on the research requirements and identify related industries and companies for key informant interviews.
  •  Understand business objectives and design surveys to discover prospective customers’ preferences.
  •  Compile and analyze statistical data using modern and traditional methods to collect it.
  • Perform valid and reliable market research SWOT analysis.
  • Interpret data, formulate reports and make recommendations.
  •  Use multi-channel market research and catalogue findings to databases.
  • Provide competitive analysis on various companies’ market offerings, identify market trends, pricing/business models, sales and methods of operation.
  •  Evaluate program methodology and key data to ensure that data on the releases are accurate and the angle of the release is correct.
  • Remain fully informed on market trends, other parties research and implement best practices.


  • Proven market research analysis experience.
  • Proven experience in the ICT industry including but not limited to: Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence and Data Management.
  • Ability to interpret large amounts of data and to multi-task.
  • Strong communication and presentation skills.
  •  Excellent knowledge of statistical packages (SPSS, SAS or similar), databases and MS Office.
  • Search engines, web analytics and business research tools acumen.
  •  Familiarity with CRM programs.
  • Adequate knowledge of data collection methods (polls, focus groups, surveys etc)
  • Working knowledge of data warehousing, modelling and mining.
  • Strong analytical and critical thinking.
  • BS degree in Statistics, Marketing or related field.

P.S Individual Consultants as well as firms are both equally encouraged to apply for the job.

Project Timeline & Key Deliverables: (Variable based on global situation and lockdown due to ongoing threat of the COVID-19 outbreak)

  • 22 April, 2020: Deadline for proposal submissions.
  • 30 April, 2020: Finalize Interview process & Award Job. 
  • 1st Week of May, 2020: Consultant to have a set of questions ready for internal team interview and program debriefing. 
  • 2nd Week of May, 2020: Launch work on Market Research.
  • 2nd Week of July, 2020: Submit and debrief finalized work. (Weekly updates and drafts should be submitted from project launch to project submission.)
  • 3rd week of July: Submit recommendations and an action plan for a go-to market strategy to be implemented and researched on a later stage.

Application Process: 

Interested applicants are requested to submit their credentials, a financial proposal and a cover letter showcasing their qualifications for the job to with the subject: Consultant for Regional Market Assessment.

P.S Applicants for the job are advised to submit any document they believe would support showcasing their previous experience and their relevant skills.

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