Staffing Services

Our freelancers can work for you on temporary or
permanent basis, part time or full time. According to the
nature of the services and your preferences, our freelancers
can be present on site or remotely.


Service Options

Data Management

Data Management Agents
We offer you agents to help validate, store, and protect required data, ensuring accessibility, reliability, and timeliness.

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Clerical & Administrative

Phone Operator
We provide agents to handle your clients’ phone calls, providing information, transferring calls, answering questions, and logging data on all calls.
Assistant or Receptionist
We provide you with front desk functions and office administrative support.
Retail Store Representatives
We offer representatives to assist customers around the store, creating solutions and ensuring a smooth sales process.
Storekeeper/Inventory Management Agents
We provide storekeepers to manage your inventory and other daily tasks.
Document Scanning & Archiving Agents
We convert and archive paper data into digital files.

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We transcribe audio files into text in the language you prefer.
We translate your files to the language you choose.
Note Takers
We record and summarize important information gathered from different sources.

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Customer Services

Call Center Agent
We provide call center agents to take all incoming and outgoing calls regarding product support information, inquiries, or complaints.
Telemarketing Agent
We offer telemarketing agents to introduce customers to your products; features.
Chat Support Services
We offer 24/7 chat support services for your customers, keeping your brand’s tone of voice intact.

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